Turbo Boost: Super Shadow surrounds himself in a brilliant golden aura that amplifies his speed. Gogeta vanished and kicked Sonic in the back, grabbing his leg and tossing him up. In terms of appearance, the Saiyan's hair spikes up, and becomes golden-yellow, and their eyes become green. And I mean everyone. share. Shadow: We don't want to alarm whoever may be doing this. Shadow was recovering … The primary purpose of the pole is to extend from Korin's Tower to Dende's Lookout, so someone could climb to the top. Stated to be about twice as strong as his normal attacks. Vegeta: D...damn it! When utilized, the user makes a thin disc in their hands, and throws it at the enemy. Goku then fired the Kamehameha attack at Shadow who then used his Chaos Spear starting a massive beam struggle! The blast hit Sonic square in the face, mortally injuring and nearly killing him. Both Goku and Shadow where engulfed in a red aura and began dashing around, ramming into each other multiple times with all their strength. Sonic got up from the crater in the mountain. World Rings: 7 beautiful rings that contain immense powers. He can actually read! shadow el erizo Respuestas Magnificence said: If tu base the fight on how Sonic and Shadow were in Sonic Adventure 2 / Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, in their form they both gain from the chaos emeralds, they would simply be invulnerable, but unable to keep up with goku and Vegeta; they simply last until they had no más rings left. Amazing Rush: An offensive technique used by Candy Vegito. This sword is far sharper and more durable than the combined might of the other 4, and it allows Sonic to enter his Excalibur Sonic state, Power Sneakers: Sonics everyday shoes. Shadow: Chaos Spears! goku and sonic ep.1 by ulus; goku and sonic ep.1 fixed by ulus; goku and sonic vs vegeta and shadow by dbzworks; dbz and sonic scene creator by juaflamethrower123; Dragon ball z, Sonic, Sonic kirby, and Mario scene creator by supergotenks; Sonic M.U.G.E.N scene creator by brasil1234; dbz and sonic scene creator remix by angel1249 he can go ssj3 and tear apart the both of them. Read Vegeta Vs. By breaking the sound barrier, the user can reach a stage of invulnerability and increased speed, causing damage with mere physical contact. This is the first Godly form that Goku ever obtains, which means it utilizes Godly/divine Ki, which is stronger than normal ki and cannot be sensed by mortals. Shadow: I told you. Therefore, this form should be comparable to if not stronger than SSJ Grade 3. Who will come away with the victory? Shadow rushed out and spin-dashed Vegeta's chest then kicked him into the air. lots of people think that sonic is way stronger than goku because of his speed but who cares. Moyebiri. All other stats are drastically increased. The energy of the spirit bomb can also be absorbed into the user, amplifying the user's energy by several times. The multiplier of this transformation is never given, but it can be calculated by comparing the destructive capability of DBZ SSJ3 Goku, and BoG SSJG Goku. Whiz: With every franchise, there is always that one villain who becomes the main character's rival, Boomstick: And Dragon Ball and Sonic are two perfect examples of that, Whiz: Today we will be hosting one of the most anticipated battles in the history of VS battles, Boomstick: Goku and Vegeta, the Super Saiyans from Universe 7. However, this downside is bypassed when nearby sentient beings willingly give their life energy (as shown in the Buu saga, when Earth's population was initially unwilling to give their energy, but once convinced the Spirit Bomb swelled up in a matter of seconds). Sonic went after Goku and Shadow to Vegeta.Sonic gave Goku some swings and punched him away but as well Shadow kicked Vegeta and turned around spun into a ball hitting Goku then went back to Vegeta.After some time they were exhausted. Shoten Jump VS Sega. of 4; Last ; You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. WHERE ALL THE FIGHTS ARE SETTLED IN 60 SECONDS! Focused Homing Attack: Sonic locks on up to six enemies at once and executes a far swifter and stronger version of the Homing Attack. soul: Vegito Blue could, at most, rival Merged Zamasu, who actually ranks in at Universal+. After dying from his Final Explosion attack, he loses the Demon Mark and Babidi's control, but retains the power boost he received from it. In this state, muscle mass increases to the point of decreased speed. After having slammed the foe into the ground five times, Sonic jumps into the air and crushes it with a final hit to the ground. The perks of this technique is increased ki sensing range and more efficient ki spending, allowing less energy to be used in most attacks. 2 FIGHTERS! Vegeta powered up and rushed at the Hedgehogs, slamming Shadow into a rock and kicked Sonic back. This took 2 weeks to make, so … Were-Claw: Sonic the Werehog makes a forward dash while crossing his hands in front of him, before violently slashing his claws to both sides in a quick and swift motion. Thus, Super Sonic can take energy blasts like it was nothing from a villain = or > than Omega Shenron and SSJ4 Gogeta Soooo, Super Sonic and Super Shadow fucking RAPE Goku and Vegeta HARD. Goku is the only person in the canon series to have mastered this technique. The saiyan prince went Super Saiyan 3, but was almost instantly met with a double attack barrage from the two hedgehogs. Boomstick: How does he even memorize these things? Shadow from the story Worlds Collide by Jasaldy with 180 reads. Super Saiyan God Goku Vs Legendary Super Saiyan Broly - Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z. Elizabeth robinson. Super Saiyans vs Super Hedgehogs, which transforming, energy blasting, team between the hero and anti-heroes will stand victorious in the end? Soaring Fist: An offensive technique where the user throws a powerful punch that sends long-distance shockwaves to attack the opponent. Shadow teleported below the two and charged up a powerful blast, turning red as he did. Shadow and Sonic were seen running through a wasteland when suddenly Goku and Vegeta landed right in front of them! Big Bang Kamehameha: An offensive technique, and is one of Gogeta's most powerful attacks. scythe: Alright, the combatants are set. Boomstick: Well unlike Goku, Sonic actually has an excuse for being smart. Find Sonic and Shadow and Goku and Vegeta videos, photos, wallpapers, forums, polls, news and more. Sonic rushed at threw a punch Goku, who went Super Saiyan God and blocked said punch. Sonic and Shadow tried using their spin dash attacks on the Sayains but this attempt was futile as Goku and Vegeta easily dodged the attacks. Shadow flew behind the Prince of all Sayains and started using his spin dash in the stomach launching him onto the ground like a rocket. Sonic replied with "Do we even have a choice". When utilized, the user makes a large energy ball in front of their bodies, and shoots a massive beam from the epicenter of the ball towards the enemy. Super Saiyan 2 (SSJ2): A transformation that surpasses all of his normal Super Saiyan forms, Super Saiyan 2 doubles the stats of Mastered Super Saiyan by 2 times, which would end up NOT being a simple 100 times from Base, but instead, it is at least a 2000 times multiplier. Very similar to Gogeta's Soul Punisher technique. Shadow flew back, turning around and shooting a few chaos spears at Vegito, the fusion dodging and rushing forward, punching him in the face with a god ki energized punch. Shadow: If you actually though you defeated me, then you are more naïve then I thought, You cannot comprehend the powers of Chaos Control. Stronger than the Super Kamehameha, Instant Kamehameha: A kamehameha shot at point blank range thanks to the usage of Instant Transmission, Imperfect Instinct/Unpolished Instinct: A kamehameha used by Goku in his imperfect Ultra Instinct Sign form. Goku then boosted his power by turning into his super sayain form This created a yellow aura around him and it also over took the Chaos Spear and also Shadow incinerating him instantly. Boomstick: WIZ, WE GOT INTRUDERS!! The golden hedgehog chuckled and looked at a star that could be seen behind Vegeta and Goku, his arm arms and legs looking very relaxed. Once charged enough, Sonic tags his opponent with a single forward and extremely powerful punch. Eventually replaced by the Kamehameha. Kaioken x2-x4: Each version amplifies the user's stats by whatever number is listed. While active, Sonic is invulnerable and can damage enemies and obstacles by crashing into them. He also gains regeneration that can heal him from the fiercest attacks. Vegeta yelled out and went Super Saiyan Blue charged Shadow, slamming Shadow into a large mountain, firing ki blasts at it to destroy the mountain. sonic fan base sonic dash speed studio sonic games790 Mario and Sonic Studio! Goku: I gotta admit, Your strong. Still, whenever the universe is in peril, you can always count on Goku and Vegeta to save the day...given a minimum of 20 episodes and some filler. Chaos Control: With a Chaos Emerald handy, users are capable of utilizing Chaos Control to manipulate the fabric of time and space. The two saiyans did the fusion dance, and a white light emerged as they fused into the mighty warrior, Super Saiyan Gogeta. Whiz: Although this fight has been done before by the guys who broke into our recording booth, we are going to change a few things. I can hold him off with the Chaos Boost. And on top of that, he can reach Super Saiyan 4 status. And like Shadow, Sonic can use Chaos Control to manipulate time and space. Goku turned to Vegeta and Future Trunks. Dark Sonic rushed up at Gogeta slammed his fist into the fusions chest, rapidly punching from a blind rage. Banshee Blast (Renzoku Kihoka): An offensive technique. Spirit Sword: An offensive technique, and is another one of Vegito's signature moves. When utilized, the user curls into a ball and rapidly spins, as if to perform a Spin Dash, however, they instead unleash a shock wave that darts forward, whilst the user is propelled backwards due to recoil. Vegeta, Daffy and Shadow was throwing a lot of punches at eachother, until Shadow teleports hitting Vegeta in the face and kicking Daffy into the ground. Sonic and Shadow Vs Goku and Vegeta Scene Creator 2! Sonic and Shadow are shown in their normal super forms, Shadow with his inhibitor rings back on, flying back to Station Square. Supreme Kamehameha: Goku's most powerful version of the Kamehameha, utilized by Goku in his perfected Ultra Instinct Sign form. 7:02. Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Kaioken x10 (SSGSS Kaioken x10): A transformation that combines the power of SSGSS with Kaioken x10. but then again goku … scythe: Goku and Vegeta, the legendary saiyans. Its power-level can be adjusted, making it weak enough to just stun a target or powerful enough to inflict injuries. This technique automatically targets every enemy in the vicinity upon execution, allowing the user to pull of a rapid onslaught of Homing Attacks to strike all enemies in range. The difference being that while charging, light orbs will encircle the user's body and damage enemies upon contact, discouraging interruption of the technique. This technique automatically targets every enemy in the vicinity upon execution, allowing the user to pull of a rapid onslaught of Homing Attacks to strike all enemies in range. Used in Vegeta's SSJ2 Majin form. Time Stop: A supportive technique. Forced Spirit Fission(Supiritto no Kyōsei Bunri:) A supportive technique. Geraldfielding96. Rage SSJ2: When Vegeta is enraged past his breaking point, he enters this state of fury. Chaos Spear: Shadow channels raw chaos energy as a form of electricity into a spear-shaped energy construct and then fires it as an energy bolt. Chaos Emeralds: 7 beautiful gems that contain immense powers. Whiz:And there you have it folks, the two main Saiyans from Dragon Ball! 7:02. When utilized, the user slams as hard as they can into the opponent's stomach. It's up for debate, and it's purely my own calculations, so please do not take any offense to anything I say. Final Impact: An offensive technique. Super Final Flash: a more powerful version of the Final Flash, Dark Impact: A close-range version of the Final Flash used as a counterattack. Darkspine Sonic: A transformation reached through the power of the World Rings. Whiz: (groan). Shadow punched Goku in the liver stunning him and leaving him open for a fully powered kick launching him straight into a mountain. It is a massive sphere of life energy gathered from external sources that completely obliterates anyone in it's path. The are cocky, posses limited Ki, most Super Saiyan forms drain stamina quickly, and then often fight each other more then their enemy's. EDIT Forgot the section, have'nt seen the anime so I can't comment. Upon landing, he'll release a destructive shock-wave which damages the nearby surroundings and enemies. Big Bang Flash: An offensive technique, and seems to be a mixture of the Big Bang Attack and the Final Flash technique. Though enemy's at first they eventually put their differences aside to take on Freeza and avenge their race. (Jan Ken Pon): An offensive technique, and Goku's original signature move in early Dragon Ball. Sonic: Hehe, there's something you should know about me. And while this may be the end of Shadow's power ups, Sonic has a few more tricks up his non-existent sleeves. Goku launched himself off a rock and kicked Shadow back, the black hedgehog curling up into a ball and teleporting behind Goku, rocketing into the saiyan's back. The sound of a door kicking open can be heard. fanpop community fan club for Sonic and Shadow and Goku and Vegeta fans to share, discover content and connect with other fans of Sonic and Shadow and Goku and Vegeta. Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan Blue (SSGSS): A transformation that surpasses SSJG, and his most powerful Super Saiyan form known to date. The user can directly manipulate anyone's energy, steal it, and send that energy to any other being besides the user. Sonic, Shadow, Goku, & Vegeta Vs Broly. he can go ssj3 and tear apart the both of them. Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. In both El Manga Legendario AND the Daizenshuu, it is stated that Goku in that form surpasses SSJ Grade 2 Vegeta, and that his aura becomes different after utilizing the form. Shadow warped after Goku and kicked him in the back, snapping his fingers to stop time, then barraging him with spin-dash attacks and chaos spears from all directions. save. After the Goku Black saga, Goku is able to master SSGSS Kaioken to the point that it's more superior forms can be utilized with far more mastery than before, as shown when Goku didn't get muscle contractions and spasms even when using the form consecutively in the Zen Exhibition Match, and later on in the Tournament of Power. ... (Ages 13+) sonic vs shadow battle by randomanimator123. However, Vegito still regains all of his powers and quickly beats Buu to a pulp. Upon hitting his top velocity, Shadow is surrounded by an aura that distorts space and allows him to barrel through enemies without fear of recoil. Add photo 1 Description 2 Intro 3 Fight 4 Conclusion Sonic vs Dragon Ball! Finally, they charge after the opponent and punch them in the stomach before roundhouse kicking them away, inflicting massive damage. Aside from Supr Saiyan, Vegito can also become a SUPER SAIYAN BLUE!! It is a long beam of energy released from the user's hands. Shadow charged back up, glowing red as he yelled out "Chaos Boost, level 3!" Not really clear, Alias: The Blue Blur, The Fastest Thing Alive, Knight of the Wind, King Arthur (yes, really). Nothing stops Shadow from teleporting Vegeta or Goku into Space like he did the Asteroid and Devil Doom. soul: This also means Sonic and Shadow will get Archie and Sonic X feats. He can also purify negative emotions, like when he reverted Perfect Chaos back to normal by purifying it of its anger and rage (rendering his will to fight inert). Sonic Boost: An offensive technique. In terms of stats, he becomes much stronger, to the point that he could defeat the Dark Queen, who was previously demolishing his Base Form. Standing back up, Gogeta could see Sonic had powered up through rage. Both hedgehogs can run at speeds faster than light, curl up into spiky balls powerful enough to rip through solid metal, and are masters in hand to hand combat. The two beams of energy went straight towards the emo hedgehog who countered the attacks by using the chaos blast blowing the beams to bits, When the chaos blast came at the two Sayains they barely jumped out of the. Topic Archived; First; Previous; Page . Vegeta decide shoots Ki Blasts at Shadow who said. In terms of stats, he becomes much stronger and more durable than his base form. When utilized, the user Vegeta curls his fingers and places both his hands together at chest level facing the same direction. However, this comes at the price of a large speed decrease. According to spaceplace.nasa.gov, there are 400 billion solar systems in a galaxy. Destructo-Disc (Kienzan): An offensive technique Goku copied from Krillin. A blue energy vortex suddenly flew forward and basted Vegeta, Sonic speeding in and rapidly punching the Saiyan prince. Sonic Boom: A supportive technique. soul: Let's start with the obvious one: Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta. This is the strongest form of Goku before Dragon Ball Super. Then, while the victim(s) are disoriented, they blitz them with a massive flurry of attacks, then slam them away. scythe: The winners are Sonic and Shadow! When utilized, the user punches the opponent in the stomach, then punches the opponent across the face and spins around to roundhouse kick them away. Vegito rose up and formed his spirit sword, swinging and slashing at the two hedgehogs. Light Speed Attack: One of Sonic's most powerful attacks. Goku rushed up and uppercutted Sonic, flying after him as Shadow and Vegeta rushed forward and slammed into each other. Just like Time Break, Darkspine Sonic can use this technique nigh-limitlessly due to creating his own energy to fuel it. Sonic then kicked Goku's leg making him fall onto the ground while Shadow then threw a lunging punch straight at Vegeta's chin launching him into the air. Super Dragon Twin Fists: A two-handed version of the Dragon Fist. Super Sonic Boost: Super Sonic surrounds himself in a golden aura of Chaos Energy before ramming the target with incredible speed, resulting in a rather devastating impact. goku and vegeta vs sonic and shadow scene creator 3 by kuyaben10; About. All other stats are drastically increased. While enemy's at first, Sonic and Shadow eventually became ally's in the never-ending quest for justice. They’d win 7 : 3 out of 10. According to the Supreme Kai, Kid Buu (which SSJ3 Goku scales to and can fight evenly with) is able to destroy the entire galaxy in a few years, which means 9 years or less (if it was 10 or more, hw would have said decades). Sonic smirked charged an energy wave, blasting it down at Goku, The Sonic wave slammed into Goku, launching him back into the Chaos Spear. Now, let's move on to Sonic's partner, Shadow. According to Dragon Ball guidebook called "El Manga Legendario", it states that when Trunks used this form, he became 10 times stronger than SSJ Grade 2 Vegeta, making this form, assuming Base Trunks = Base Vegeta, a 10 times boost from SSJ Grade 2. Goku and Vegeta then grabbed the two hedgehogs and started smashing their faces against each other. The user starts out with a flurry of punches, lifting the opponent into the air, then smashes down with a powerful punch. ​Goku rushed in, kicking Sonic back and flying after him, Shadow back flipping into the air and landing on Goku, only for Vegeta to blast him back. When utilized, the user powers up, shouts "KAIOKEN!!! Once finished, the user rockets off at high speeds to unleash a far faster and stronger Homing Attack. Not even the Gods of Destruction (with the only proven exception being Beerus in the Manga) have mastered this technique yet. Chaos Snap, Chaos Lance, and Chaos Blast. making DBZ characters fight most other anime's and cartoons is basiclly cheap. scythe: Over the years Goku and Vegeta have taken down beings powerful enough to destroy universes, and fusing only makes them stronger. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. He had become, Dark Super Sonic. soul: Chaos Control gives the user control over time and space, allowing for teleportation and the ability to stop time. Gogeta slammed Shadow away, flying after him and rapidly beating on him, grabbing the Hedgehog's legs and throwing him down, creating the soul punisher orb and throwing it at Shadow, creating an explosion. This technique amplifies the user's stats by whatever number is after the word Kaioken, at the cost of massive stamina drain and, possibly, the user's life.

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